Nangijala will still be the Nangijala you know and love. The aim is not to make any dramatic changes but to refine it, expand it and actively promote it to new customers. The most important aim will be to attract more off-season guests. We can do this with an enhanced summer / spring event program and increased marketing. With Stefanie bringing her skills and experience to the business, Nangijala will be able to reach new heights. One of the original Nangijala co-founders, Viktor Andersson, will be staying on for a one-year transition period to ensure a smooth handover.

  • Events 
    Nangijala will focus on attracting more groups of guests with an enhanced activity and event program. On the agenda will be guided mountain bike tours, bike camps, yoga retreats, snowshoe hikes, corporate workshops, and local wine and food tours.

  • Menu
    We’ll continue to develop our international cuisine and increase focus on Nangijala as a stand-alone restaurant / dining location. The goal is to be the best international restaurant in the region, while still keeping prices affordable.

  • Local partners 
    Strengthening ties with local suppliers and companies is key to Nangijala’s ongoing success. As part of the Disentis community we believe in working together for mutual benefit, through joint marketing, special event collaborations and promotions.

  • Marketing
    A little bit of strategic marketing goes a long way. Targeted print and online ads, improved SEO on the website, increased social media activity and exposure on the right online booking
    platforms will attract more international and multi-day guests.

  • Long term 
    Nangijala has the potential to expand in another resort. This would make Nangijala visible to a much wider market, and open up the possibility of developing it as a retail / lifestyle brand.