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Street-wear fashion specialists, where you will find your new favorite t-shirt or accessory. If you are into clothing that is not just something to wear, but a mode of self expression.

KATO is situated in the same building as Nangijala Bar and Café, formerly an old storage space, now remodeled to the shop you will soon love. With the help of Illustrator Barbara Donnarumma, we have added a spectacular mural that brings life to the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The mural and this motto is a true description of our business and the lifestyle that we pursue: colorful, playful, adventurous, and made with a lot of love.

KATO specializes in mostly Scandinavian brands, including: Cheap Monday, Eivy, Mint, Kitsch Sweden, Nyåks, RVLT, and STÖJ. Recently we have added Wemoto of Germany and Supremebeing of Great Britain to enhance our selection of apparel that fits the personality and feel of KATO. In addition to these brands, we have decided to offer clothing and apparel from Yeah Stuff and Avalanche Riders, brands with products designed by two young and talented Disentis locals.

For more information about the clothing and apparel we offer, or to get a feel for the experience that KATO has to offer you, please visit our webshop.

In KATO-Fashion you will find the reception for our Hotel and Hostel where we will gladly take you-in for a stay in one of our available rooms and provide you with any information that will make your stay the best experience possible.

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