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What else can I do in Disentis?

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  • Max & Vinsa cover NightNangijala EventSaturday, 07.03.2015 22:00, Free

    Two happy friends from sweden plays covers on guitar!

  • Riders ConnectionNangijala EventFriday, 27.03.2015 22:00, Free

    Alternative Pop / Reggae / Soul – live und mit viel Energie!

    Free entrance

    Riders Connection can only truly be described as a musical experience offering
    something completely unique and refreshing. Their Alternative Pop sound with a sweet
    twist of Reggae is capable of capturing the immediate attention of their audience through
    smooth grooving baselines combined with the jaw dropping beats from one of Berlin’s
    most respected Beatboxers and then entwining it with powerful, clear vocals making
    their performance one to be remembered.
    The music evolved on the streets of Berlin, using minimal instruments to create deep
    and soulful melodies. The union of the acoustic guitar with the natural sounds of the
    mouth trumpet and beatboxing give Riders Connection a uniquely rich sound. With the
    flow of time, the bass was incorporated, and the music matured to resonate with a widely
    varying audience. Listeners are uplifted and unified around the fusion of warm melodies
    and deep and soulful lyrics.
    Whether by the ocean or in the heart of the city, Riders Connection never fails to provide
    a magical musical experience.

  • Urban Junior LIVENangijala EventFriday, 03.04.2015 21:00, Free

    Nangijala presents the one man Band: URBAN JUNIOR
    Let's dance like a mad chicken smoking crack and wearing a skinny cat eating carrots as a hat.

  • Saturday SurpriseNangijala EventSaturday, 11.04.2015 21:00, Free

    Who knows whats gonna happen? We dont.
    Lets see, Yeahh!

  • Austrinken Party with Dj:s Cow and ChickenNangijala EventSaturday, 18.04.2015 22:00, Free

    Legendarisch Biertrinken!

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