When we first set foot in Disents in the winter of 2007/2008 we fell in love with the nature and the village here. We asked ourselves, what can we offer Disents in order stay? A place where people could meet for a drink in the evenings and a place where you could relax and read your favorite book with a great cup of coffee during the day. This was our calling.

In our Café you’ll enjoy all the classic coffees: macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, and café créme. All of our coffee has the Max Haavelaar stamp certifying it as a fair-trade product.

Are you keen on trying something new? Then our homemade Nangijala Tea is the obvious choice for you. Hot drinks do wonders to your wellbeing after a long day on the mountain as well as a fantastic way to enjoy one of our summer evenings.

To accompany your coffee or tea we recommend our Swedish chocolate cake with whipped cream. If chocolate is not really your thing, let yourself indulge in one of our weekly freshly made desserts, it could be anything from carrot cake to blueberry pie. Smoothies and ice cream are a must in the summertime. Enjoy a perfect day out on our flower terrace with the wonderful view of the mountains surrounding Disents.

We offer free WIFI internet service to all of our customers.